Guide to Fashion: Mens Shirts

Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion

In every installment of Guide to Fashion, we’ll be taking a close look at dressing well, fashion, and style. You’ll be sure to find some explanations of concepts maybe you were unaware of, industry definitions, and of course lots of style tips to keep you looking good.

Guys, this one is for you. Arriesgado Clothing presents the Fashion Guide to Men’s Shirts. The right shirt can make or break a man, well the way he looks anyway. Choosing the perfect dress shirt is an essential part of your get-up. Quite literally, wearing an ill-fitting shirt can destroy your entire outfit, and all that hard earned cash you spent on the latest designer denim and accessories will have gone to waste. The dress shirt is by far the most dominant part of your ensemble, so special attention here is necessary if you want to make the best impression. If you don’t know where to start, fear not, the Arriesgado Clothing Guide to Fashion will take you through the rough waters and teach you all there is to know about picking out that perfect shirt.

Well, first things first. When picking out your dress shirt, the most important thing to know is not actually the style or color, or even fabric that you are after (which should always be 100% cotton btw), it’s your size. That’s right. And I’m not talking about small, medium, or large, either. Before you even enter a store you should know the length of your arms, the girth of your neck, and the broadness of your shoulders. If you don’t, that’s OK. A friendly shop assistant is sure to help you out here. If circumstances allow, you should try to have your shirt custom made for your body by a tailor. Failing that, most dress shops carry a wide combination of sizes, and if all else fails and you just have to have that particular shirt, a seamstress can make some minor alterations to make it fit you just right.

So you know your size, and you’re ready to pick out your shirt, but what next… Start off with the color and style, i.e. patterns, logos, designs, etc. Here, I would suggest the 50/50 rule. Pick out half of your shirts based on colors and patterns that you know look good on you, and the other half of something that you don’t normally wear, but catch the eye. So for instance if you normally wear solid classic colors, try out a few checkered, striped, vivid colors. Try them all, you never know, one might look perfect on you. And you should definitely have a wide selection at your disposal. I recommend having at least twelve shirts that you absolutely love hanging in your closet at all times.

Alright, you’ve got your size, you see a bunch of shirts that you think might just right, but they all have cryptic descriptions on the packaging: Spread, Straight Point, Button Down, Pinned. These are all various collar styles available. Let the Arriesgado Clothing Guide to Fashion break them down:
Straight Point: This is by far the most prevalent collar style today. Probably encompassing around 90% off all shirts you will come into contact with. The style is simple, elegant, and classy, which makes it a versatile choice for any occasion. The collar comes down into triangular points, the distance between which is referred to as the spread. See which type of spread works best for you. Spread Collar: The spread collar is quite simply a Straight Point with an overly exaggerated spread in which the collar points actually point away from each other. This is a very dressy design usually reserved for formal occasions. The room created by the spread makes it perfect for classy tie presentations like the Windsor knot. Button-Down Collar: This is a Straight Point which can have varying degrees of a spread, but with the collar buttoned down to the shirt. This gives the shirt a very distinctive look, think MOD or Prep School. Here’s a style tip: Don’t even think about wearing this style of shirt with the collar buttons undone. It’s just plain wrong. Be warned. Pinned Collar: The pinned collar is an ultra-fancy fashion statement. If you have millions of dollars, you may consider wearing one, if not, better not to pretend. A pin usually made of precious metal and gems, decorates the collar and keeps it in place. High luxury at its finest.

Once you’ve figured out your preferred collar type, just one final element remains; the cuffs. Here there is a wide variety of options to choose from, one button, two button, French, cuff-linked, etc. I would say, let the style and collar of the shirt determine your purchase, the cuffs will be just fine. Keep an eye out for labels such as Bugatchi Uomo, Thomas Dean, and Ted Baker. These innovative companies are starting to produce trendy shirts in which the cuff is a focal point of the shirt, designed to be rolled up to show off intricate patterns and motifs. They look fabulous, and you should check them out. Take a look at all the fine designer label men’s shirts from Arriesgado Clothing: Men’s Dress Shirts
Well, hopefully you’ve found some inspiration through our Guide to Fashion: Men’s Shirts. Maybe we’ve clarified a few definitions when it comes to choosing the appropriate collar spread, or given you the confidence to try out some different styles of shirts. Remember; make sure you get the right fit. If you haven’t heard of a particular label, that’s OK. Just examine the shirt. Does it look like a quality item? Are the buttons firmly attached? Does the fabric feel good between the fingers? If the answers are all yes, and you like the style, then go for it. A well-dressed man can never have too many shirts.
Fashion and style can be tricky. This is why we have created the Guide to Fashion, here at Arriesgado Clothing Company. Our aim is that this series will provide some useful information about dressing well, with some helpful hints and humor thrown in the mix. The Guide to Fashion series will continue periodically over the next several months, and will hopefully become an online reference whenever you need a Guide to Fashion.
We Hope To See You for the Next Installment of Guide to Fashion


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