Guide to Fashion Women’s Jeans

In this installment of Guide to Fashion, we’ll be exploring Women’s Jeans. How to choose the perfect pair, what are the different cuts, rises, fits and washes, and of course who are today’s top designers and labels.

Guide to Fashion: Arriesgado Clothing’s captivating series that examines how to dress well, look good at any occasion, and have the confidence to carry yourself like a true fashionista.

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, where do you start. Of course you already own several pairs. By now, they are probably a natural extension of you. They look good, feel right, so what do you need a guide for. Well, let me ask you something, have you ever tried on a pair of Paige Denim’s or True Religions before? If you haven’t, then listen up. You are missing out BIG TIME! Got that. Not all jeans are created equal. Far from it. Until you’ve actually tried on a pair of modern designer jeans, specifically made for your body type, you really are not getting the most possible comfort, and looking your best. Those of you who have tried on a pair, know what I’m talking about. The difference they make is unbelievable. And we’re not talking about the mass produced Calvin Klein’s’ and Donna Karen’s. Those may have had some appeal back in the early 90’s, but that’s where they should stay.

Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion: Womens Jeans

model in womens desinger jeans

Guide to Fashion

The new designer labels that are just coming into their own in the last few years, focus on nothing but making the best possible jeans, are developing fits and fabrics unlike anything available before. So even if you own a pair or two of these fabulous modern designers, keep reading. Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion, is going to share with you how to choose the perfect pair, maybe clear up a few misconceptions, and fill you in on the hottest designer labels so you can stay well ahead of the pack, looking fashionably great.

When it comes to describing a pair of jeans, there are four main categories. The cut, fit, rise, and wash. While the last of these is strictly aesthetic, knowing which combination of the first three works best for you is essential in finding the perfect pair of jeans. So, let’s have a look at what these terms mean:

Guide to Fashion

The Cut: The cut refers to the jeans’ leg shape, how wide or narrow, whether or not it is tapered, or flares out. Let Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion illustrate:

Bootcut Womens Jeans womens straightcut jeans Flarecut womens jeans
Bootcut: Bootcut Jeans are fitted through the hips and thigh, slightly flaring out at the opening of the leg. Bootcuts are a Fall and Winter staple, because, as the name suggests, they are perfect for wearing with boots. I suggest that you have at least a few pair of these, as they are very versatile. Straightcut: The Straightcut is fitted at the hips and thighs, with the diameter of the leg opening remaining consistent from around the knee down to through the ankle. This creates a seamless line for the entire leg, perfect for either accentuating already long beautiful legs, are adding the illusion of length. Flarecut: Fun and Funky, the Flarecut cut has lots of retro appeal. Its fitted at the hips and thighs, and starts to spread out at the knee. Think bellbottoms but much more refrained and sophisticated. The Flarecut is usually worn as a low-rise .
wide leg womens jeans womens jeans skinnys womens jeans boyfriend jeans
Wideleg: The Wideleg cut is perfect for some larger frames. They feature wide openings from the waist to the thigh, and all the way down the leg, making them ultra-comfortable. These are great for Pear shaped women, and can provide the confidence you need to look and feel at your very best. Skinny Jeans: Skinny Cut, or skinny jeans are tight and fitted from the hips to the thighs, all the way down to the ankles. These definitely emphasis the hips and thighs, and are best suited for petite figures. These are super chic, and look fabulous with high heels, or knee high boots. Boyfriend Jeans: All the rage these days. Boyfriend Jeans look like they just came off of your man. Fitted around the waist and rear, and loose down the leg. These are great for thicker legs and thighs, or if you just want to rock that laid-back look.

Guide to Fashion

The Fit: The fit refers to how the jeans sit on the body especially around the rear and thighs.
When it comes to fit; designer labels and manufacturers tend to disagree about what to call their categories, but generally they fall into three types: Skinny, Regular, and Relaxed. These are fairly self-explanatory. And it’s highly recommended that you stick with your particular body types fit, otherwise the jeans will simply be too baggy, or far too tight. Neither of which is particularly flattering.

Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion

The Rise: The rise refers to how the jeans fall around the waist area. There are four main types of rises available today:

womens low rise jeans ultra low rise jeans womens jeans womens high rise jeans
Low-rise jeans: These Jeans sit low on the waist providing the perfect opportunity to show off your waist. Low-rise jeans sit 2-5 inches below the belly button, and are considered very comfortable, and are popular amongst young women. Ultra-low-rise jeans: Ultra-low-rise jeans sit very low on the waist, 3-5 inches below your belly button for the ultimate low-rise look. Also referred to as Brazilians. These are for very athletic women who have nothing to hide and want to show off. Mid-rise jeans: Mid-rises sit just below the belly button and are very popular amongst all women. These are great if you don’t want any added attention to your waist area. High-rise jeans: High-rises go up to, and sometime above the navel creating a very unique look. Think Traditional English Riding attire. These are perfect for concealing any extra poundage.

Guide to Fashion: Womens Jeans

The Wash: And finally the wash refers to the actually color and finish of the jeans. This is how the jeans are processed in the manufacturing stage to produce a unique look. A combination of dying techniques, various chemicals, and abrasion methods are used to create the end result. I would recommend that once you have determined your fit, cut, and rise, to get several styles of washes to keep in your wardrobe to have lots of versatility at your disposal. Some washes are classic and suitable for any occasion, while others are just fun, and can with the right shoes and accessories create a really impactful look. Here are some of the more popular washes:
stonewash womens jeans vintage womens jeans distressed womens jeans
Stone Wash: Stone washed denim has a slightly distressed, faded, and vintage look to it. This type of wash originated back in the 1960’s, when actual pebbles were used to wear down the fabric to produce the desired effects. In modern manufacturing, enzymes have replaced the pebbles for a more controllable effect that doesn’t destroy so much of the actual denim. Vintage Wash: Vintage washed jeans are basically the raw dyed denim, which is washed a multitude of times to remove the excess dye, break in the jeans, and produce that worn look which is usually only acquired after years of wearing. These become super soft and comfortable through the wash process, and have an old faded look. Distressed Wash: Like the Vintage Wash, these jeans have gone through the washing process a great number of times, but friction and enzymes have also been added into the mix. This produces areas of the jeans where the white fabric has begun to show, as well as parts that are severely faded of the original dye. The extent of this destructive process depends on the look the designer is going for.
womens deatroyed jeans acid wash womens jeans
Destroyed Wash: These are jeans that have been through it all. Washed a magnitude of times, distressed with friction and enzymes, as well as either hand or machine torn in certain areas to create a battle worn look. These are full of character, but be warned, all that extra processing usually come with a high cost. Acid Wash: The Acid Wash is synonymous with the 80’s. It is a very unique look that is derived from stripping the indigo dye from the finished jeans with chlorine which creates either streaks or splotches of white, that appear as though acid was cast onto the jeans. These are fun, and come in an endless variety from the subtle to the outrageous.

Guide to Fashion

In addition to these popular styles of wash, a modern trend amongst today’s top designers is to embellish their jeans with creative accessories and finishes. These can range from intricate pocket designs, to studding, to patches of fabric sewn into the denim. The possibilities are endless, with each designer striving for that “must have” look in womens jeans.

Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion: Womens Jeans

models in womens jeans
With so many types and verities of designer jeans available today, it is absolutely essential that you do your homework, and first, select the right jeans for your body type, and then, worry about the wash and finish. This is where Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion comes in. Join us for part two of our Guide to Fashion: Women’s Jeans, where we will chaperon you through the exact process of choosing the right cut, rise, and fit, specifically for you. We’ll also have some wonderful suggestion of what to wear with your brand new perfectly fitted jeans, and as always some tips and tricks for trendsetters. See you next time in Arriesgado Clothing’s Guide to Fashion…….


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